Zevachim 9 - Passover Sacrifice At the Wrong Time

A Passover sacrifice, brought in its proper time, is valid if done for its sake, but is completely invalid if it is done for the sake of another sacrifice. However, the same Passover sacrifice, brought at any other time of the year, is invalid, if brought for its (Passover) sake, but valid, if brought for the sake of any other sacrifice.

What is the reason for this ruling - really, for the second part of it, since the first part was discussed on the previous page? Said the father of Shmuel, "And if from the flock is his offering for a peace offering to God." This teaches that something that comes from the flock (Passover) can become a peace offering.

But maybe this is so only if it is brought as peace offering? How do we know this is true for other types of sacrifices? Said Rabbi Illa in the name of Rabbi Yochanan, in the phrase "for a peace offering" the word "offering" is extra, and this teaches that the law applies to every type of sacrifice.

Art: Dieric the Elder Bouts - The Feast Of The Passover 1464-67