Zevachim 89 - Who Deserves to Come First

If there is a choice of two actions, the more frequent comes first. For example, daily offerings are brought before the additional Shabbat offerings. The rule is applicable to all situations, but it is derived from the order of sacrifices, as the Torah has said, talking about additional Passover offerings, " Besides the morning burnt offering which is continual burnt offering, shall you offer these ," -  which teaches that the regular daily burnt offerings come first.

If there is a choice of two actions, one more sacred or more special than the other, the special one comes first. For example, the application of the sin-offering blood comes before the burnt-offering, because the sin-offering brings forgiveness. How is this derived?

The Torah said, " and the second bull you will take as a sin-offering ." The word "second" is extra - we can count and know that it is the second - rather it teaches that it is brought second. On the other hand, it  said, " one bull a sin-offering, another - a burnt-offering ," so which one comes first? - Sin-offering, since it effects forgiveness, has its blood brought first. Burnt-offering, since it is burned completely, has its limbs burned first.

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