Zevachim 86 - Limbs That Fell off the Altar

Due to the heat on the Altar's pyre, some parts may burst off, and today's question is: should they be returned? All the parts they were included in the rule of "once they are on the Altar, they should not be removed," if they fall off, need not be returned - but it is merely allowed to do so. Similarly, the embers, if they fell off the Altar, need not be returned, but if they did not completely fall off the Altar, they must be returned to the pyre.

Limbs of valid sacrifices that burst off the Altar - if this is before midnight, they need to be returned, and are subject to the law of misappropriation of sacred property, but after midnight they need not be returned.

Just as the Altar sanctifies that which is fit for it, so does the ramp leading to the Altar sanctifies. And just as the ramp sanctifies, so do the sacred vessels.

Art: Cornelis van Leemputten - A Shepherd with Sheep and Lambs