Zevachim 85 - These Must be Removed from the Altar

The following offering parts, even if valid, have no place on the Altar, and must be removed for this reason, even if they were put there: the meat of most holy and of regular holy offerings. Meat from the former is eaten by the kohanim, while meat from the latter is eaten by the owners of the sacrifice. Also in this category are flour offerings of barley brought on Passover and the two loaves brought on Shavuot, the show-bread, the remainder of a regular flour offering (since it is eaten), and the incense - since it is only offered on the inner Altar, not the outside one.

The wool on the heads of lambs and the hair on the beards of goats, as well as bones, sinews, horns, and hooves all have a special law: as long as they are attached to the burnt-offering they came with, they should be brought up on the Altar together with the offering, but if they are separate from it, they should not be brought.

Is a sodomized bird valid for the Altar? Since the relationship is not reciprocal and the bird cannot sodomize a human, then perhaps even if the bird was sodomized, it can still be brought as a sacrifice, or, after all, since a sin was committed with it, maybe it is invalid? The answer: since the sodomized bird is not mentioned in the list of disqualified offerings that may remain on the Altar because there are situation when they are permitted (bird cannot sodomize a human), then perforce a sodomized bird is never valid as a sacrifice.

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