Zevachim 84 - The Altar Has Already Accepted Them

We have learned that the Altar sanctifies that which is fit for it , with the result that even certain invalid offerings, once they touch the Altar or are brought upon it, can be accepted and do not need to be taken down. Which invalidations does this include?

A sacrifice that was kept overnight, one that was taken out of the Courtyard after slaughter, one which became impure, one about which the kohen had an intent to consume it beyond its time or outside its place, and one whose blood was received or thrown by a disqualified person.

Rabbi Yehudah disagrees about some disqualifications and says about them that they need to be taken down even if they were already brought up on the Altar. These include one that was slaughtered at night, whose blood was either spilled or taken out of the Courtyard. His logic says that only disqualifications that are allowed under certain conditions can stay on the Altar, but those that are not allowed anywhere else, have to come down.

Rabbi Shimon, on the other hand, gives a different rule: any sacrifice that was valid prior to entering the Courtyard and whose disqualification happened in the Courtyard, if it went up the Altar, may stay there.

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