Zevachim 78 - Blood Mixed with Water

If, before the Kohen got a chance to throw the blood on the Altar, some water fell into the vessel with the blood, then if the mixture has the appearance of blood, it is still valid. This is true even if there is more water than blood, and even though some unconsecrated water will be thrown on the Altar - since it is not the intent of the Kohen to throw water.

If wine fell into blood, we view this wine as if it were water. If that amount of water would change the color of blood, then the blood is invalid, even though wine, being red, does not change the color of the blood.

If sacrificial blood became mixed with the blood of an unconsecrated animal, or the blood of a wild beast (no wild beast, even if it is kosher, such as a deer or antelope, may be consecrated for sacrificial use), we again view the additional blood as if it were water, and estimate the color accordingly.

Art: Jean Beraud - The drinkers