Zevachim 75 - Mixing Wine vs. Mixing Animals

Rabbi Elazar gave the following rule: If a sealed cask of the kohen's tithe wine became intermingled with a hundred casks of ordinary wine, one can open a cask (making it insignificant and subject to nullification), take out one-hundredth (for otherwise he would be stealing from the Kohanim to whom the tithe belongs), and then drink the rest of the wine in that cask.

Rav Nachman said about this that only he who quaffs and drinks could issue such a ruling. How is one allowed to open the cask in the first place? Rather, if one of the casks was opened accidentally, one can take out the percentage of intermixed tithe and drink the rest.

If two sacrifices of the same kind became mixed up, then the Kohen takes one and says, "Let this sacrifice be in the name of whoever it belongs to," and then slaughters it. But the owner needs to put his hands on his animal's head and confess his guilt!? - That is indeed true. Rather let us say that this rule applies when the animals were already slaughtered, and the cups with their blood got mixed.

Art: Abraham Hendrickz Van Beyeren - Still Life With Wine Glasses