Zevachim 67 - Rabbi Yehoshua and Rabbi Eliezer Argue About a Bird Burnt-Offering

If a Kohen took a bird that was sanctified by its owner as a burnt-offering and proceeded to bring it as a sin offering, then Rabbi Eliezer says that one commits misappropriation if he misuses it, but Rabbi Yehoshua says that misappropriation is not committed.

What is their argument? Rabbi Eliezer's line of reasoning is this. As soon as the owner consecrated the bird as a burnt-offering, it became Temple property, subject to the law of misappropriation. It never lost this status, and thus is forbidden to use.

Rabbi Yehoshua, on the other hand, says that if the Kohen changed the burnt-offering with regard to designation, procedure, and location, and did all as if it were a sin-offering, it became transformed into a sin-offering, at least as far as the law of misappropriation is concerned, and there is no punishment for its misuse. Rabbi Yehoshua agrees that the Kohen still should not eat it.

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