Zevachim 60 - The Copper Altar

The Copper (Outer) Altar of Moses can be compared either to the Inner Altar of Moses, or to the Outer Altar in the vision of Ezekiel, since in all cases the same word "square" is used. Rabbi Yose opts to derive the dimensions of the Outer Altar of Moses from his Inner Altar, because both were portable, while Rabbi Yehudah compares the Outer Altar of Moses with the Outer Altar in the vision of Ezekiel.

This leads them to other differences: Rabbi Yehudah maintains that the floor of the Courtyard was sacred, and offerings could be burned directly on it; they differ on the size of the Altar ; the height of the curtains around the Altar was five cubits according to Rabbi Yehudah, and fifteen cubits according to Rabbi Yose - because the Altar of Rabbi Yose was that much higher.

But we have a rule that the laws of the Torah cannot be derived from the Prophets, such as Ezekiel! - True, and we use the words of Ezekiel only to define what the Torah means when it says that the Altar was five by five cubits.

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