Zevachim 53 - Communal and Individual Sin-Offerings

Here is the law of the individual and communal offerings - which include the communal sin-offering of a goat on New Moon, and on every Festival: their slaughter is in the north of the Altar and the reception of their blood is also in the north. This law is derived with the logic of "general rule": since the Torah told us this law regarding one type of one sin-offering, we can extend it to all other sin-offerings, if there is no indication to the contrary.

The blood of sin-offerings requires four applications on the four horns of the Outer Altar. At each corner on top of the Altar there was a cube-shaped "horn." The Kohen would start on the ramp leading up the Altar, but then turn to the right and step on the ledge which surrounded the Altar at the hight of 6 ells. In this the Kohen followed the rule of "if you have a choice of two roads, take the one to the right." He would then continue on the ledge around the Altar, going counter-clockwise, and apply the blood with his finger to each of the horns.

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