Zevachim 42 - Ruining an Offering with Half of its "Permitter"

A "permitter" is the key service that allows the offering to be eaten. In the case of an animal offering its "permitter" is throwing its blood on the Altar. In the case of a flour offering the "permitter" is burning a handful of its flour together with oil and frankincense included in it, on the Altar. Some say that the wrong intention during half of the "permitter" already rejects the offering, and some say that it does not.

In addition, we want to know, what is the reason behind the disagreement in the following rule, and whether it is "half of the permitter" or something else: If the Kohen had the wrong intention of "beyond allotted time" while burning the frankincense but not the oil - then Rabbi Meir says that the offering becomes rejected, but the Sages say that it does not. Is this an example of the "half the permitter" disagreement? Resh Lakish said that it is not. Rather, the Kohen had the wrong intent at first, but then forgot about it - and Rabbi Meir says that his first intention continues, but the Sages say that it stops.

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