Zevachim 41 - God Conceals the Sins of the Congregation

The laws of the communal offering are learned from the laws of the High Priest's offering. Namely, when talking about a communal-error offering, which is brought when the High Court renders serious erroneous decision and many Jews follow it, the Torah does not discuss all the details, such as burning of the diaphragm and of the two kidneys. These details are mentioned when describing the similar individual offering of a High Priest, and one is learned from the other.

But why did the Torah have to conceal and only hint at the details? This is similar to a king who became angry at his beloved friend, but minimized the mention of his offense in the official records, because of endearment. In the same vein, when talking about a communal he-goat brought for the sin of idolatry, there is an even more-pronounced abbreviation, and the details of the service are not mentioned at all.

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