Zevachim 28 - When is the Sacrifice Rejected

The prescribed area for all sacrificial services is the Temple Courtyard. If one slaughters a sacrifice with the intent to throw its blood outside of the prescribed area, or even if he plans to throw a small part of the blood outside the prescribed area, the sacrifice becomes invalid - even if later he applies the blood in the correct place. The same is true if he intends to eat the sacrifice outside of prescribed area.

However, if the wrong intent relates to time, that is, if he plans to throw its blood tomorrow, even a small part of the blood; if he intends to burn the sacrificial parts the next day, or to eat its meat the next day - the sacrifice becomes completely rejected ("piggul") - and one who eats of its meat can be cut off from his people. This is true even if does not fulfill his intent and later does everything in the right time.

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