Zevachim 27 - If the Blood was Applied in the Wrong Place

If the blood of a sacrifice was applied in the wrong place, for example, blood that was supposed to be on the upper part of the Altar was applied to the lower part, or vice versa, or if the blood that was supposed to be sprinkled within the Hall of the Temple was applied outside, that is, in the Courtyard, or vice versa, the sacrifice is invalid, but eating its meat does not bear the penalty of being cut off from the people.

There are many ways to understand this rule. Shmuel said that although the sacrifice is invalid, its owners still receive atonement, based on the phrase, "And I gave you and Altar for atonement", implying all of the Altar. But one may ask that if so, the meat should also be eaten! - Shmuel understands "For atonement" only, not for other purposes.

Resh Lakish agrees with Shmuel if the Kohen applied the blood silently, but if he announced a wrong intent, it is completely invalid. Still, it does not qualify for being cut off.

Rabbi Yochanan says that applying the blood in the wrong place does not count at all.

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