Zevachim 15 - Carrying without Walking

If a Kohen carries the blood of a sacrifice without walking, that is, he stands in place and hands the blood to another person who is closer to the Altar, is this a valid service?

They tried to answer this question based on another rule: if a Kohen is sitting, he is disqualified from carrying the blood. It must be, therefore, that when he is standing, he can carry the blood! - No, because maybe by "sitting" the rule means moving by dragging himself in a sitting position. No proof can be deduced from here!

They tried to answer the question from a different rule: on Passover, the sacrifice would be slaughtered by its owner, and a Kohen would receive the blood, pass it to his fellow, and so on until it reached the Altar. We see from here that one does not have to walk! - No, we don't see it - perhaps they moved a little. Then why were they many? The service of God is better with many.

Rabbi Yochanan concluded, "Conveying the blood without moving one's feet is not a valid service."

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