Zevachim 106 - Sacrifices Outside the Temple

It is forbidden to slaughter and to burn sacrifices outside the Temple. What happens when one transgresses this prohibition?

If one slaughtered and burned a sacrifice outside the Temple, he is liable for slaughtering it, and he is liable for burning it as well. Rabbi Yose HaGlili says: "If he slaughtered the sacrifices inside the Temple, so that it was indeed valid, and then burned it outside, then he is liable for burning. But if he slaughtered it outside, then it became invalid right away, and he is not liable if he then burns it."

But the Sages told him, "Even in your case, when he slaughtered the sacrifice inside the Temple, it becomes invalid as soon as he takes it out. Then he should not be liable for burning it outside! According to your logic, Rabbi Yose, one should never be liable for burning an offering outside. This proves that you are wrong, and that when one slaughtered and burned an offering outside the Temple, he is liable for both acts.

Challenge: what can Rabbi Yose answer in his defense?

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