Zevachim 105 - The Impurity of Bulls and Goats that are Burned

Rabbi Elazar asked the following question, "If exactly half of the carcass of a bull or a goat that are burned has left the Courtyard, together with the majority of one of its limb, is the remaining part of that limb considered outside, together with the limb? Or perhaps, since the limb belongs to the body, and the body is only half-out, then the limb is considered inside?" To this there was no answer.

Some say that Rabbi Eliezer asked a different question: "If three of the five carriers have left the Courtyard, are the other two carriers  considered  already out and impure?" To this there was also no answer.

Rabbi Elazar asked another question, "Do the bulls that are burned  already  contaminate foods and liquids while they are still inside the Courtyard?" Since they will have a very strong impurity when they are out of the Courtyard, perhaps it is enough to make food and liquids impure, since these are easily rendered impure. Afterwards he himself resolved it: prior to their exiting from the Courtyard they are not fully considered bulls that are burned, and thus they do not contaminate the food yet."

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