Zavachim 12 - Rushing with the Passover Sacrifice

A Passover offering should be brought in the afternoon of the fourteenth of Nissan, for its sake. Bringing it as any other sacrifice makes it completely invalid.

What happens if one changed two of these conditions: he brought it early, in the morning of the fourteenth, and for the sake of a different sacrifice (one can imagine that he rushed early in the morning, but then realized that it was too early and decided to bring it as a peace-offering).

Rabbi Yehoshua considers this as if he brought it on the thirteenth, and as any Passover sacrifice brought outside its time as a different one, it is valid. Ben Beteira says that morning is like afternoon, and the sacrifice is invalid.

Ben Azzai goes back to the very first ruling of this Tractate and  disagrees with it, saying, based on a tradition from the seventy-two members of the Sanhedrin, that sacrifices that are eaten, if brought for a different type, are valid. This rule adds only the burnt offering to the invalid ones, but the Sages did not agree with him.

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