Yevamot 81 - A sterile Kohen

A Kohen who is sterile, either from birth or as a result of an illness, can nevertheless marry a woman, and this marriage entitles her to eat the priest's portion (terumah). By contrast, if he is sterile because of a physical damage to his reproductive organs, he is prohibited from marrying into the congregation of Israel. Therefore, if he was previously married, he now needs to divorce, and if in the interim he has a cohabitation with this wife, she would loose the right to eat the priest's portion - even if she had it because she was a daughter of a Kohen.

A Kohen who is an androgyne can marry a woman, and that marriage entitles her to eat the priest's portion. That is because an androgyne is classified as a definite male - this is the opinion of Rabbi Yose and Rabbi Shimon. However, they did not clarify if they were completely certain of a "definite male" designation, or it was an "also a definite male." Accordingly, this leads to a disagreement whether the priest's portion law is active nowadays, or is it only a law that the Sages left as a reminder for the future, when the priest's portion will return.

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