Yevamot 63 - Man must have children

A few teachings of Rabbi Elazar about a man and his wife: one who does not have a wife is not a whole man, because " God created them male and female, and called their name Man ;" a wife is called "helper against him" - if he deserves, she is a helper, if not - she is against him; "God brought her to Adam, and Adam said, "this time it is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh" teaches that Adam has approached every animal, but his mind was pacified only with with Eve.

As Rav was leaving Rabbi Chiya, Rabbi Chiya asked him, "What is worse than death?" Rav searched for the answer and found it, " I found - bitter than death - a bad wife ." Rabbi Chiya intended to save Ra from a bad wife, but his prayer was not successful, and Rav's wife used to aggravate him, cooking the opposite of what he asked. Rav's son, Chiya, started reversing Rav's requests, so that when the wife cooked a different dish, Rav would get exactly what he wanted. Rav said, "Your mother has improved her ways!" Chiya confessed that he was reversing orders. Rav said, "I could have learned from you! And yet, it is not good to say a lie."

A teaching of Ben Sira: "A beautiful wife - happy is her husband, the number of his days is doubled."

The Messiah will only come when all the souls originally present in Adam will have a chance to be born. Accordingly, one who does not engage in procreation, is considered as spilling blood, and diminishing God's image.

Art: A Portrait Of Nobleman With His Wife And Two Children by Johann Hulsman