Yevamot 103 - Did Jews receive chalitzah from God?

A certain argumentative person asked Rabban Gamliel a question. Since Hosea said that " With their sheep and cattle they will come to see God, but won't find, for He has withdrawn ('chalatz') from them ." Thus, God has ended His special relationship with the Jews. Rabban Gamliel answered him, "You are a fool! The words are not 'He has given chalitzah' but 'He has chalitzah from them.!' That is, they tried to give chalitzah to God. But if a woman in this situation removes her shoe, does she remove the bond from the brothers of her husband? Certainly not!" Thus, the Jews may have acted incorrectly, but the bond remains.

Additional details of chalitzah: it cannot be done with a sock, but a shoe fit for walking is needed. And, since she has to "remove it from his foot," an amputee whose leg was cut off above his knee, cannot give a chalitzah. The one whose foot was amputated can with difficulty walk on it, and thus his chalitzah would be valid.

Art: Mending father's socks by William Baater Collier Fyfe