Josef Johann Suss - Jewish Scholars DebatingSummary of each page of the Talmud Bavli, explained and illuminated with the world's best art,
in a about a couple hundred words.

The site is complete and all tractates are covered, but it is still work in progress. Talmud has 2711 pages.
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Brachot - Blessings
Eruvin-More Shabbat
Pesachim - Passover
Shekalim - Money for the Temple
Yoma - Yom Kippur
Succah - Tabernacles
Beitzah - Holiday Rosh HaShanah
Taanit - Fasts Megilah - Purim
Moed Katan - Holidays
Chagigah - Sacrifices
Yevamoth - Levirate marriage
Ketubot - Prenuptial
Nedarim - Vows
Nazir - Abstinence
Sotah - Jealosy
Gittin - Divorce
Kiddushin - Marriage
Bava Kamma - Damages
Bava Metzia - Lost item
Bava Batra - Civil law
Sanhedrin - Criminal law
Makkot - Penalties
Shevuot - Oaths
Avodah Zara - Idol worship
Horayoth - Testimonies
Zevachim - Sacrifices
Menachot - Flour and wine offerings
Chullin - Kosher foods
Bechorot - Firstborn animals
Arachin - Temple donations
Temurah - Exhanging sacrifices
Keritot - Bad mistakes
Meilah - Misappropriation
Niddah - Purity

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