Sotah 5 - Haughty or humble?

When one is haughty - God's presence in this world sheds tears because of all the tribulations that will eventually befall him. Moreover, when someone is haughty, God says, "This world is too small for the two of us," or more precisely, " One who is haughty and proud - him I cannot bear (says God) ".

And yet, a Sage must have a small measure of haughtiness. How much? One eighth of one eighth. And for a Sage it is an ornament, like the upper part of a wheat stalk. Rava said, "One who has it is damned and one who does not is damned." But it is better to err on the side of humility.

When one prays though, she should definitely be humble. Follow this, " Humble spirit is like God's sacrifices " - which means that a prayer with a humble heart is equal not to a specific one but to all sacrifices together.

Art: Old Man Praying by Rembrandt Van Rijn