Sotah 3 - Is jealousy good or bad?

Previously we learned that a man can warn his wife not to conceal herself with a certain fellow. Is that jealousy good or bad? Some say that it is actually forbidden for a man to warn his wife in this way. He should always try to maintain peace. A warning of this sort will lead to strife between them, or to strife between her and neighbours. Others say that jealousy is caused by the spirit of purity and is a good thing.

Long time ago the spiritual level of men declined. Since men were not blameless themselves, the test of a suspected wife stopped working.

Even when circumstances warrant this, Rabbi Ishmael only permits a man to warn his wife, but Rabbi Akiva makes in an obligation. They have also disagreed in a similar way in another matter: a Kohen is not allowed to go to a cemetery and become ritually impure. However, he is allowed to do it for his relative. Here too, Rabbi Ishmael says that he is only allowed to do so, but Rabbi Akiva says that he should insist and bury his relatives.

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