Sotah 22 - On falsehood

One who learned something about Torah but did not complete his education by learning the Talmud is called progressively an unlearned person, an ignoramus, one not trusted on any issue of kosher foods, and even an evil person. Why is all that? Because such people appear knowledgeable, but in reality their opinions are not based on true knowledge.

Also despised are those who pretend to be modest and turn their eyes away from women, and as a result they may bump into a wall or hit their foot against a stone, but it is all just a pretense. Bad are those who say, "Tell me how I can improve, and I will do it," because this implies that they have already perfected themselves in their estimation.

King Yannai (who killed all members of the Sanhedrin) bequeathed this to his wife: not to be afraid of the Sages' vengeance, because they are righteous, and will not do wrong; and neither be afraid of the followers of King's Yannai sect, because they esteem her. She should only be afraid of those who are false, pretend to be righteous like Pinchas but their deeds are licentious as those of Zimri.