Sotah 20 - The importance of teaching one's daughter Torah

In order to exonerate the wife of a jealous husband, the Kohen prepared flour sacrifice and a drink as described before . He then copies the words of the Torah concerning this onto a separate scroll. If she refuses to drink before these words are erased into the drink, the flour is burned as invalid, and the drink is poured out. If she refuses to drink after the scroll is erased, they help her, presuming that she is blameless, as she maintains, just became scared.

If her lover and she actually committed adultery, then he dies in whatever place he is, and she dies in the Temple. However, if she has merit related to Torah, it will protect her for a year, two or three. Because of this Ben Azzai said that a man is required to teach his daughter Torah - so that this will protect her, even if she has a problem with her husband.

Rabbi Eliezer, on the contrary, says that teaching Torah to women is frivolous. Incidentally, Kabbalah maintains that eventually women will desire and get the opportunity to learn Torah. Baal Shem Tov founded a secret society for teaching Torah to women.

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