Sotah 15 - The sacrifice of jealousy

A husband who suspects his wife brings a sacrifice that is different from all other sacrifices. Usual flour offering use wheat, but this one is made of barley. Usual offering have oil and frankincense added to them, but this one is brought without. Why is it he, and not the wife, who brings it? - Because one should not be his or her own accuser. But why does the husband deserve this inferior sacrifice? - The wife is unfaithful when the husband is unfaithful or otherwise gives a reason.

Proceeding, the Kohen brings an earthenware cup and puts in it water from the purifying water of the priests. This large vessels stands in the Temple courtyard, for the Kohanim to pour on their hands and feet before they start their service. It is made of copper mirrors used by Jewish women in Egypt in order to look beloved to their husbands.

How much water does he put in? Half a log, that is, about 5 ounces. Rabbi Yehudah says that he takes only a quarter of a log, or about 2.5 ounces. Parenthetically, Rabbi Yehudah will also require a shorter text to be erased into this water at a later stage of preparation, The Kohen then enters the Temple building, turns to the right, and finds a special stone with a ring on it. He lifts up the stone, gets the dust from under it, and makes the dust float on the water.

Art: The Mirror by William Merritt Chase