Shevuot (Oaths) 25 - The Scope of Oaths is All-Inclusive

An oath takes effect regarding both matters relevant to oneself and relevant to another, regarding both matters of substance and those lacking substance.

For example, if one swears "I will give something to so-and-so" or "I will not give it to him," or "I swear that I gave it to him" or "I swear that I did not give it to him," - this is an oath about others.

If he said, "I swear that I will sleep" or "that I will not sleep," "I slept" or "I did not sleep" - these are oaths concerning intangible matters.

If one said, "I swear that I will throw a pebble into the sea" or "I will not throw the pebble," "I threw the pebble" or "I did not throw" - these are oaths concerning non-beneficial acts.

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