Shekalim 16 - Thirteen

There were a few items in the Temple with the count of thirteen: thirteen collection chests, thirteen tables and thirteen places where people would prostrate themselves - only the members of the family of Rabban Gamliel prostrated fourteen times when visiting the Temple, because they had a family tradition telling them where the Ark was hidden.

There was once a Kohen working in a wood chamber who noticed that one of the stones of the floor was higher than the others. He went to tell his colleagues about the possible location of the hidden Ark, but he has not completed his statement and died.

The Talmud described various theories where the Ark was hidden, and whether it was taken away to Babylon or not. Also, some say that there were two Arks, one permanent in the Temple and the other one taken to wars, while others maintain that there was only one Ark. It also describes the various opinions on the size of the Ark and the position of the whole and broken Tablets inside of it.

Anointing oil made by Moses miraculously extended its use for generations. Jewish kings were anointed with it if there was a disagreement about the next king; but otherwise the anointment was not necessary; the High Priests, however, always had to be anointed.

The Torah that Moses received from the God was of black fire on white fire, as in the verse, " He brought the fire of a religion to them from His right Hand. "

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