Shabbat 88 - The "marriage" between God and the people of Israel

Why, while receiving the Torah, the Jews " stood under the mountain "? - Because God overturned the mountain as a vat and told them, "If you accept the Torah, all is well, but if not - this will be your grave." Rav Acha said, "This is a great argument of compulsion under duress for one who does not observe the Torah." However, Rava took the argument away by mentioning that at Purim time the Jews accepted the Torah again, this time without coercion.

When the Jews promised first to "do" and after to "hear what to do," God asked, "Who revealed to them the secret of the angels, who also fulfill My word, and then listen to My voice ?" To illustrate, Rava was once studying the Talmud without noticing that his foot was stomping on his fingers so that they were bleeding. A certain Sadducee told him, "You were impulsive you and you are still that way! You promised to observe the Torah, and only later found it what it was, and you are still studying the Talmud like this. How do you know there is something there?" Rava answered, "We trust God as one who would out of love, not like you, whose distrust will be your undoing." About us it says " You have captured My heart, My sister, O bride !"

Ulla said, "How shameless is the bride who is unfaithful while still in her bridal chamber," talking to Jews worshiping the Golden Calf while still at Mount Sinai. What is the connection? "While the King was still at His banquet, my perfume gave out its fragrance."

By association, another teaching about the word "shame": Those who are shamed but do not respond, hear their disgrace but not do reply, who perform God's will out of love and are happy even in their suffering, to them applies the phrase " But they who love God shall go as the sun in its strength ."

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