Shabbat 77 - Rav Yehudah in a jovial mood

Continuing with the amounts of matter carrying which violates Shabbat, wine is significant if one can make a cup used for a blessing after a meal. Since we are talking here about pure wine, which in the times of this ruling was first diluted, we arrive at a measure called "reviit," or about 75 grams. Honey is considered significant if there is enough of it to be put on a sore. Rav Ashi asked, "At the top of the sore, or from the top down?" - No answer was found.

Rav Yehudah said, "Of all things that God created in His world, He did not create anything needlessly. For example, a slug can be used as a remedy for a sore; a fly as a cure for the sting of a hornet; snake provides cure for skin conditions."

Rav Zeira once found Rav Yehudah (a usually austere Sage) at the door of his father-in-law in such a lighthearted mood that if Rav Zeira were to ask him any question in the world, Rav Yehudah would tell him. Rav Zeira asked multiple questions, such as "Why goats always walk in front of the flock?" - Because darkness always precedes light, just as in the creation of the world. "Why are sheep's hindquarters covered with a tail, but goat's aren't" - Because people cover themselves with shearing of the sheep, but not of goats".

He also asked questions about word construction, such as "Why outer cloak called 'levushah'?" - Because it is a contraction of "No shame - 'lo bushah.'"

The Talmud adds one more statement on natural phenomena, that three creatures grow stronger as they grow older: the fish, the snake and the pig. All of these statements have a spiritual meaning behind them.

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