Shabbat 75 - A special talent in math

One who has a special talent and knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and other sciences, and fails to use this talent, to him we apply the verse " And the work of God they do not regard and the action of His hands they do not see ." Since he failed to use his chance to appreciate the God's world in full measure, one is forbidden to relate Torah teachings in his name.

Another source and reason for this view is " You shall safeguard and perform those laws, since it is your wisdom and discernment in the eyes of the nations ." What is this wisdom? You have to say that this astronomy and mathematical calculations.

Another one of the prohibited Shabbat labors is slaughtering an animal. What exact prohibited action is he performing? Rav said, "He is dyeing. When he makes the cut in the animal's throat, required for proper slaughter, the blood spurts out and colors the animal's neck. " Shmuel said, "He is taking a life." But according to Rav, isn't he also liable for taking a life? - Indeed, he is, and Rav meant, "Also for dyeing." Rav also said, "If I don't explain my view, the future generations will come to ridicule me. Why is the slaughterer interested in dyeing the throat of the animal with blood? - Because then the meat commands a higher price in the market."

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