Shabbat 53 - Additional wear for the animals

A donkey may go into a public area on Shabbat with a saddle cloth, provided that it was tied onto it before Shabbat. Donkeys are always cold, and that is why they need the saddle cloth, which goes underneath the saddle. However, the saddle cloth needs to have been tied before Shabbat, for then it is a proof that the donkey indeed needs it, and that is it not for the needs of the owner. The reason that it has to be tied at all is this: if the saddle cloth falls off the donkey, the owner may come to carry it at least four steps himself, and thus violate the prohibition of carrying on Shabbat.

Rams may go attached (in pairs) - the same term is used in the Song of Songs, "You attached (captivated) my heart, my sister, my bride." Ulla gives a different explanation: attached means with leather attached close to their hearts, next to the underbelly. When a wolf attacks, the ram gets up on its hind legs to fight the wolf, and the wolf then bites the underbelly. Do wolves then attack only male sheep, and not females? Females also need protection! - Rather, the males are attacked because they are fat. Are females then never fat? And furthermore, do wolves know the difference? - Rather, the male sheep are attacked because they hold their noses high and look from side to side when walking, so the wolves think that they are being attacked.

Art: Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski - Attack of Wolves