Shabbat 25 - The delights of Shabbat

If Friday is a Yov Tov, such as Pesach, Shavuot, or Sukkot, one should not use the oil that is designated for burning for Shabbat lights. What is this oil designated for burning and why one can't use it? It is oil of terumah, or kohen's portion, which must be kept in ritual purity, but which has become ritually impure. Such oil cannot be used for food and must be burned. Why then not use it for Shabbat? - Because the Torah told not to burn such oil on a Yom Tov.

Where did the Torah say so? Talking about a Passover sacrifice, it says, " Don't leave any of it until morning, and what is left of it until morning should be burned in fire ." The word "morning" is repeated because it is refers not to the morning after Passover nigh, which is still a Yom Tov, but to the next morning, which is already a weekday, and only then can unfit sacrifice be burned. We learn from here a general rule of not burning unfit holy items on a Yom Tov. Another way to explain this is that only that which is to be eaten by people on a Yom Tov itself can be put on fire, but anything which can be burned later should be burned later.

The prophet Jeremiah says, "My soul despaired of having peace, I have forgotten goodness." To what does this refer? - To his not having oil for Shabbat lamp. Others say he means a bathhouse before Shabbat. Still others say that it refers to a nice bed and nice bedclothes, and to an adorned wife.

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