Shabbat 143 - Bones left on the table

After one eats a piece of meat and places the bone on the table, there is nothing that he can do with it, and the bone is now muktzeh - set aside from Shabbat use. Neither may one move husks. All this is what one would logically expect, but Beit Shammai do not agree to it: rather they say that the prohibitions of muktzeh do not extend thus far. Beit Hillel, indeed, do not allow handing the bones and request one to shake them off them table by moving the table.

How could the above be true? We know that Beit Shammai is usually more stringent than base Hillel, and here it is the reverse!? Indeed, Rav Nachman corrects the version: it is Beit Hillel who follow the more lenient view of Rabbi Shimon on muktzeh and allow moving the bones, while Beit Shammai forbid this.

One is not allowed to squeeze fruit for the juice. If the juice oozed on its own, then it depends. If the fruit are stored for the juice, then there is a danger that after trying the liquid that oozed out by itself, one may be tempted to squeeze some more, and will thus violate Shabbat. However, if the fruit are normally stored for food, then one does not desire for more juice to come out. In this case one my drink the juice that oozed out by itself.

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