Shabbat 126 - Stopping Shabbat rest

One should rest on Shabbat. The Sages even prohibited certain actions requiring too much exertion, thus guarding Shabbat rest further. However, for guests, for students, for sick, and for his animals one sometimes should exert himself, setting aside Shabbat rest, and there the Sages have relaxed the prohibitions. For example, one may move away four or five boxes of straw or grain - if he needs the space to seat the guests or the students - provided that he does not clear a complete storehouse.

What kinds of food can he move? He can move the Kohen's portion, even though only the Kohanim can eat it - provided that it is ritually pure and thus can altogether be used. Furthermore, he can move "d'mai" - produce from which the tithes perhaps have not been separated, and which it is consequently prohibited to eat. If so, how can he move it, if it is unusable? - He can give up his possessions and become poor, and eat it with this subterfuge. He may also move lupines - a sort of beans - since they are fit for goats.

Art: Paul Cezanne - Young Italian Girl Resting On Her Elbow