Shabbat 118 - Three or four meals?

On Shabbat one is obligated to eat three meals, one of Friday evening and two others on the Saturday day. However, Rabbi Chidka says that one needs to eat four. Both opinions are based on the same phrase, " Moses announced, 'Eat it today, for today is God's Sabbath. You will not find [anything] in the field today ." The word "today" is mentioned three times, and this means three meals. And Rabbi Chidka? - He says that these three meals are during the day, and there is also a fourth meal, on Friday night. But we just learned that if there fire breaks out on Friday night, he can only save three meals!? - Rabbi Chidka will answer that he already ate the Friday night meal, and then the fire broke out, so he saves the three meals for the next day, to the total of four. But we learned that Rabbi Yose allows to save three meals under all circumstances!? - True, Rabbi Chidka has nothing to say, and we are forced to conclude that this ruling does not agree with Rabbi Chidka, but he is entitled to his opinion.

One who observes eating three meals on Shabbat is saved from three calamities at the end of days. One who delights in Shabbat is forgiven all the idol worship he did during the week; some say that he is given a boundless heritage. Finally, one who delights in Shabbat is given his heart's wishes.

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