Shabbat 113 - Clothing

If one needs to lift some water from a well, using a pail, he should not tie this pail with a regular rope, but should rather use a weaver's rope, or some other rope that he values so much that he will not leave it tied to the pail.

Folding garments improves them in some measure, therefore, one may fold his garments multiple times if he plans to use them on the same day, but not if he plans to use them after Shabbat, because then he is preparing on Shabbat for weekdays. Likewise, one may make the beds any number of times during Shabbat, but not when Shabbat will end soon.

In general, on should honor Shabbat by wearing special clothing and by walking and talking in special ways, just as Isaiah said, " If you restrain your feet and business, proclaim Shabbat a delight - then you will delight with God ."

When Naomi instructed Ruth for a night encounter with Boaz, she told her to bathe and anoint herself and don special garments . Which garments were these? - Those of Shabbat. Ruth, however was wise, and the rule is " Give to a wise, and she will become wiser ", so she first went to the place of the meeting, and then prepared herself - so that the people meeting her would not suspect her of being a prostitute. Incidentally, why did Boaz ask the harvesters, "To whom does this young woman belong?" Boaz was the member of the Sanhedrin, the leading Sage of the generation, and a righteous person, and he did not inquire about every woman who came to glean his field!? - He noticed her wisdom in fulfilling precisely the laws of gleaning (two stalks belong to the poor, three should remain to the field owner) and her modestly in sitting down, not bending to pick up the stalks.

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