Shabbat 104 - Nonpunishable Shabbat writing

The Sages told to Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi that young students came to the study hall and are expounding the secrets of the alphabet. And what was their wisdom? They said that "aleph", "beth" means "alaph binah" - learn insight. "Gimel," "dalet" stands for "Gemol dalim" - aid the needy. They continued to expound the shape of every letter, and of every letter pair, going forward, and backward, and even combing the letter by using the "first letter - last letter method." Why do letters of "falsehood," "sheker" are close together in the alphabet? - Because falsehoods are common. And why the letters of "truth" - "emet" are far apart? - Because truth is rare. Why the letters of "emet - truth" stand on a solid foundation? Because in end truth will stand. Correspondingly, the letters of "falsehood - sheker" all stand on one leg (one point touching the foundation) to indicate that in the end falsehood will not endure.

When is one not liable for writing on Shabbat? - When his writing will not endure. For example, if he wrote with fruit juice, which will dry out, or he wrote in the mud or on dust. He is also not liable if he wrote in an unusual way: by turning his hand backward, by holding the pen with his mouth or with his elbow - because people don't normally write this way.

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