Sanhedrin 97 - The Generation at the Time of the Mashiach and The Age of the World

In the generation when the son of David (Mashiach) will come, the meeting place of the scholars will be used for licentiousness, the wisdom of the scholars will decay, those who fear sin will be despised, and the face of the generation will be like the face of a dog. The truth will be absent, as in " And the truth will be absent, and he that turns away from evil will become foolish ."

Rabbi Meir Abulafia (c. 1170 - 1244, Burgos, Spain) in his book "Yad Ramah" remarks: "I am in wonderment! According to these signs, why has the son of David not come in this generation of ours?"

But how can we say that the truth will be absent, when there is a promise that the Jewish people will never be devoid of Torah scholars, who are devoted to truth? - Truth will be divided into many small groups, each with its own truth, so that it will be very hard to find.

The world is destined to exist for six thousand years; the first two thousand were of nothingness, without the Torah, the second two thousand were of Torah, and the the third two thousand are the days of the Messiah. This, however, is only talking about the last 7-year cycle, in which we find ourselves, but according to one estimate in Kabbalah, we are at the end of sixth Shmita, at 42,000 years divine years, which translates into 15 billion human years .

There are many calculations of the end of the world, and most of them have already passed.

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