Sanhedrin 93 - Daniel, Chananyah, Mishael, and Azariyah

Chananyah, Mishael, and Azaryah refused the demand of Nebuchadnezzar to bow down to an idol, and were thrown into a fiery furnace. Six miracles occurred for them. The furnace rose to ground level, the walls of the furnace were breached, and the foundation caved - so that everyone could see them inside the fire unscathed. The golden image on top of it was overturned on its face; the elite Nebuchadnezzar guards were burned by the furnace's fire, and Ezekiel resurrected the dead in the plain of Dura.

When they came out of the fiery furnace unscathed, all the nations of the world came and struck the enemies of Israel (euphemism for the Jews themselves) on the faces and said to them "You have such a powerful God and yet you submit to Nebuchadnezzar's threat and bow to the idol?!" Chananyah, Mishael, and Azaryah immediately began to declare: " Yours, O Lord, is the righteousness, and ours is the shamefacedness as of this day ."

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