Sanhedrin 92 - The Resurrection of the Dead

Of the many different sources in the Scripture, this one does not admit a figurative explanation, " And many of those who sleep in the dusty earth shall be awaken; these for everlasting life, and these for shame ..."

Said Rabbi Elazar, "If a person has understanding, it is as if the Temple were built in his days, for understanding is mentioned between the two names of God , and so is the Temple ."

Regarding the dead whom prophet Ezekiel resurrected , there many opinions: they stood on their feet, uttered a song, then died; it is a parable; they went to Israel, married wives and fathered sons and daughters, and Rabbi Yehudah ben Beteira was one of their descendants.

Regarding who they were, there are many opinions: that they were from the tribe of Ephraim, who left Egypt too early and were killed; they were people who denied the Resurrection of the Dead; these were people who covered the entire Temple with pictures of various idols.

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