Sanhedrin 81 - Indirect Death Sentence

One who became liable to two types of execution by the court is subject to the more severe type.

One who has been flogged twice by the court - the court places him in a cell and there they feed him barley until his stomach bursts. How could that be? Here we are dealing with one who repeated the same transgression twice, provided that this transgression carries the penalty of excision from Heaven. Since he demonstrated that he wants to die, the court just speeds up his death. However, if he transgressed multiple prohibitions, but each of them only once - he is just tasting various prohibitions.

One who killed another but not in the presence of witnesses - that is, they gave him a warning, but he just nodded his head instead of verbal reply, or a similar technical disqualification - the court places him in a cell and feeds him scant bread and water until he dies.

Complete cell procedure: they put him in a cell the size of his body, then feed him scant amounts until his stomach shrinks, then feed him abundant barley until his stomach bursts.

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