Sanhedrin 71 - Exclusions from the Law of Wayward and Rebellious Son

To become a "wayward and rebellious son," the boy must steal money, spend it on meat and wine, and then consume the requisite amounts of these things. If he stole from his father and ate in his father's domain, or if he stole from others and ate in the domain of others - he does not qualify as a wayward and rebellious son, unless he steals from his father and eats in the domain of others. Rabbi Yose says, not until he steals from both his father and from his mother.

The boy is not declared a wayward and rebellious son until both his father and mother are willing. If one of the parents is missing a hand or is lame, mute, blind, or deaf - the son does not become a wayward and rebellious son, because the parents need to be able to " seize him...take him...and say ..."

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