Sanhedrin 70 - What Must a Boy Do to Earn the Designation of Wayward and Rebellious Son

A wayward and rebellious son is executed because he engages in the type of gluttony that will lead him to murder. He incurs liability if he eats a large measure of meat, called tarteimar (about 1.5 pounds), and drinks half a log (volume of three eggs) of Italian wine, which is habit-forming. Rabbi Yossi doubles these measures.

He must buy that meat with the money stolen from his father, and it should be a repeat offender, with prior warning and flogging.

If he ate it at a gathering that involves a mitzvah, or at a meal convened to publicize the intercalation of a day into a month, or as second tithe in Jerusalem, if he ate an animal that died of itself, or one that was not properly slaughtered, if he ate non-kosher birds or non-kosher seafood, if he ate something from which tithes have not been separated - for all these he does not earn the designation, as it says, " ...A glutton and a guzzler ."

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