Sanhedrin 7 - Common Wisdom and Torah

Rav Huna said, "Discord is comparable to a channel from an overflowing river - once it starts, it will continue to widen" - as in Proverbs, " The opening of a channel is a beginning of a discord ." Abaye Kashisha said, "Discord is like a plank in a bridge: once people walk on it, it becomes firm and stays firm."

One man liked to say, "Fortunate is one who hears his denigration without responding. A hundred misfortunes will pass him by." Said Rav Yehudah, "beginning of discord (ראשית מדון)" can be translated as beginning of a hundred misfortunes (ריש מאה דיני).

One man liked to say, "When our love was strong, we could have lain together on the width of a sword, but now a bed of sixty amot (100 feet) does not suffice for us." Said Rav Huna - and so it is with God, at first it was "... and I will meet you (Moses) there and speak to you ..." from above the ten hand-breadth Ark , but later about the Temple built by Solomon "... Says God - what house can you build for me ?"

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