Sanhedrin 62- Multiple Acts of Service in One Period of Unawareness

Rabbi Zakkai taught the following in the academy of Rabbi Yochanan: "If one slaughtered an offering, burnt an offering, poured a libation and bowed down to an idol, and he did all of these acts unintentionally in one period of unawareness, without realizing between the acts that he had committed a transgression, he is liable to bring only one sin offering." Said Rabbi Yochanan to him, "Leave my study hall and teach this ruling outside; it is incorrect."

What was their disagreement? Rabbi Zakkai compared the rules of idol worship to the rules of Sabbath. About Sabbath it says, " Do not ignite any fire, no matter where you live ." Since all manner of work is already prohibited, this extra commandment teaches how to treat multiple violations - according to some, as separate transgressions, and according to others as one single transgression. Rabbi Zakkai followed the "single transgression" rule. However, Rabbi Yochanan held that the laws of idol worship are not comparable to the laws of Sabbath in this respect.

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