Sanhedrin 60 - Idol Worship Liability

One is liable for idol worship if he serves an idol in its usual way, that is, does any action that is the normal manner of worship for a particular idol, including embracing and kissing, etc., and even a disgraceful act. Additionally, one is liable is he performs one of the four services used in the Temple: slaughters an offering, burns an offering, pours a libation, or bows down to an idol, even if that is not its usual manner of service. One is also liable if he accepts the idol upon himself as a deity, or says to it, "You are my god."

However, if one embraces, kisses, sweeps, sprinkles water, or washes, anoints, clothes, or shoes an idol, he merely transgresses a negative commandment. If one vows in the name of an idol or swears in its name, one transgresses a negative commandment. Defecating to Baal Pe'or and throwing a stone at Markulis is a normal manner of service for these idols.

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