Sanhedrin 59 - Eating Meat

Resh Lakish said that an idolater who ceased work for an entire day is liable to death, as it says, " Day and night they shall not cease ..." This is true for any day, even Monday.

Rabbi Yochanan said that an idolater who engrosses himself in Torah study is liable to death, as it says " Moses commanded us the Torah; it is an inheritance ..." But did not Rabbi Meir say that he is rather like a High Priest, because it says about that laws of the Torah "... That a man should keep them and live by them ." - any man, even an idolater? - This refers to the seven Noahide laws.

Adam, the first man, was commanded to subsist on vegetation, "... it shall be yours for food ..." If so, why was he given dominion over animals? Only for work. For fish? Only for work. But can fish do work? - Yes, since it is prohibited to use a combination of fish and goat for pulling a wagon. Why was he then specifically prohibited a limb torn from a living animal? - Adam was allowed to eat an animal that died of itself.

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