Sanhedrin 57 - The 7 Noahide Laws

After Noah went out of the Ark, he was given seven laws for the following generations: civil law to enforce the other six prohibitions, prohibitions of blasphemy, idolatry, sexual transgressions, murder, theft, and eating a limb torn from a live animal. For the violation of three transgressions a Noahide may be executed: for sexual transgressions, murder, and "blessing" the Divine Name. Some add idolatry to this list, and some say that for violation of any of the seven Noahide laws, a Noahite is executed.

A Noahite is executed by one judge, on the basis of the testimony of one witness, and even though he violated the prohibition without having received prior warning, and a man who judges or testifies can even be a relative of the accused.

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